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Monthly payment


The calculator data shall be informative only and give a rough idea of the monthly payment. To receive a personalized offer, you need to fill in a loan application Borrow responsibly and assess whether you will be able to repay the loan.

Consumer loan

Small loan

Inbank consumer loan will help you to implement both, big as well as small ideas. Based on your needs and financial possibilities - our specialists will offer you the most advantageous solution.

Renovation loan

Renovation loan

Good solution for all home improvement works. When using Inbank home renovation loan, you will be able to perform all home renovation works, to purchase garden equipment or new interior items.

Car loan

Car loan

Do you wish to purchase a new car? Inbank offers a loan for acquisition of a car in the amount up to EUR 15 000. If you still have not found a car, you can do it within 30 days after arrangement of the loan.

About Inbank

Inbank is a bank with Estonian roots that operates in Latvia and nearby countries, where it provides consumer financing and depositing products. We want to use digital solutions to take our products to the places where they’re needed. Inbank currently has approximately 550 000 active client contracts in four countries

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